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        ZO-303 Zirconia oxygen analyzer-南京鈦格金儀器儀表有限公司
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            ZO-303 zirconia oxygen content analyzer (constant temperature type) consists of two parts: an
        analyzer and a flue oxygen sensor. It is suitable for measuring the oxygen content in the furnace
        and flue of various boilers, kilns, petrochemical power plants, etc. that need to be heated and
        combusted with coal, oil, and other substances. If matched with automatic control devices, it can
        instantly and effectively control the flue damper, throttle, damper, etc. ZO-303 zirconia oxygen
        content analyzer has a significant role in improving combustion efficiency, saving energy, and
        reducing pollution.

          The oxygen transmitter adopts intelligent single-chip microcomputer and dedicated module circuit design, with high calculation and

        control accuracy and good stability, fully meeting the requirements of the DCS system;

          The instrument calibration adopts a two-point calibration method, which can independently adjust the zero point and range to ensure the

        measurement linearity of the full range;

          The instrument has a couple breaking protection function; Unique overall design, easy to operate, and low maintenance.

          Programmed heating to avoid sensor damage and furnace burnout due to excessive heating; With a temperature sensor, it automatically

        corrects and compensates for oxygen content errors caused by ambient temperature fluctuations
          Measurement range : 0-5.0%, 0-10.0%, 0-25.0% (three bit LED digital tube, minimum 0.1ppm)
          Basic error : P>0.1% ± 2.0% FS   Repeatability: P>0.1% ± 1.0% FS
          Response time : T90 is less than 5 seconds   Temperature control accuracy : 700 ℃± 1 ℃
          Programmed temperature rise : 25 ℃/min   Power supply : 220V+10%; 50Hz
          Environmental conditions  0-50 ℃; Relative humidity<90%   Shell protection : metal shell sprayed with plastic
          Alarm setting : Any setting within the lower limit of 0-25%   Power consumption : AC 220V, less than 150W, fuse 3A
          Overall dimension : 162 × 88 × 250 (wide × high × Depth) mm   Opening size : 151 × 76 (wide × Height) mm
          Output signal : 4-20mA, 4-20mA Output indication: Gear I: 0-5.0% Gear II: 0-10.0% Gear III: 0-25.0%
          Ambient temperature compensation correction : AD590 temperature module, computer automatic correction
          (1) Energy conservation; (2) Reduce environmental pollution; (3) Extend furnace life.
             In the process of furnace combustion, when the air excess coefficient is too small, that is, the oxygen content is insufficient, the thermal
        efficiency decreases due to incomplete combustion of the fuel. At the same time, the chimney emits black smoke, causing significant
        environmental pollution. When the air excess coefficient is too large, that is, too much oxygen, the excess air carries away too much heat,
        which also leads to low thermal efficiency. At the same time, excessive oxygen can lead to an increase in the content of SO2, SO3, and NOX
        in the flue gas, which on the one hand causes serious pollution to the environment, and on the other hand, SO2 and SO3 can also corrode
        the tail of the boiler. Therefore, controlling the oxygen content within a reasonable range can not only improve the thermal efficiency of the
        fuel, play a role in saving energy, but also reduce the environmental pollution caused by exhaust gas and the corrosion of SO2 and SO3 on
        the boiler tail, extending the furnace life. The zirconia oxygen analyzer can monitor the oxygen content in the flue gas online and real-time,
        and directly feed back the monitored oxygen content value to the combustion control system, controlling the oxygen content within a
        reasonable range, thereby achieving the above objectives.

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