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        ZO-201 Zirconia oxygen analyzer-南京鈦格金儀器儀表有限公司
        ※Product Category:200Series >> ZO-201 Zirconia oxygen analyzer  Source:www.yonglonglq.com
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             ZO-201 micro oxygen analyzer is widely used for the detection of oxygen content in industrial  
        production processes such as air separation nitrogen production, fertilizer, petrochemical
        industry, and biological fermentation. ZO-201 Micro Oxygen Analyzer is an online analyzer that
        uses a new intelligent detection instrument that combines zirconia sensors with a single chip
        computer, and automatically switches between percentage and ppm ranges.

        New long life zirconia detector with high sensitivity and fast response,O2 LCD Chinese display, intuitive and convenient

        Unique protection switching mode to extend sensor service life,High precision automatic temperature compensation system to eliminate the impact of ambient temperature
        The upper and lower alarm points can be set arbitrarily within the full range range,Wide measurement range and powerful functions
        ◆Self programmed temperature rise of 25 ℃/min to avoid electric furnace burnout,With broken couple protection, extending the service life of the instrument
        With independent adjustment compensation for range and zero points, it is different from other instruments in that the range and zero points cannot be adjusted independently.

          Measurement range: 0.1 ppm - 25.0% oxygen content (128 × 64 LCD Chinese display)    Basic error: ≤ ± 1.5% FS

          Response time: T90 less than 5 seconds

          Repeatability: ≤± 1.0% FS

          Sample gas pressure: 10kpa ~ 0.5Mpa

          Measuring medium: N2, Ar, inert gas, etc

          Temperature control accuracy: 700 ℃± 1 ℃

          Programmed temperature rise: 25 ℃/min

          Power supply: AC220V+10%; 50Hz

          Environmental conditions: 0-50 ℃; Relative humidity<90%

          Shell protection: metal shell painting

          Power consumption: AC 220V, less than 150W, fuse 3A

          Overall dimension: 215 × 145 × 250mm (width × high × Deep)

          Opening size: 203mm × 132mm (width × High)

          Service life:>24 months (normal use conditions)

          Instrument weight: about 5.0kg

          Automatic range switching: O2<9999ppm is ppm display, O2>9999ppm is automatically switched to% display

          Output signal: 4-20mA , output indication gear: Gear I: 0.1ppm-100ppm Gear II: 1.0ppm-1000ppm Gear III: 0.1% - 25%

          Alarm setting: Any setting within 0.1ppm-25% of the upper or lower alarm limit (one way output of alarm signal)


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