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        JYQ-300 Pressure reducer-南京鈦格金儀器儀表有限公司
        ※Product Category:Appendix >> JYQ-300 Pressure reducer  Source:www.yonglonglq.com
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              In order to solve the problem that the majority of users cannot control the flow of standard gas cylinder when debugging and
        calibrating zirconia probe, our company has designed JYQ-300 standard gas pressure reducer, which can control the flow of inlet standard
        gas during debugging with standard gas cylinder, and automatically depressurize to 0.15Mpa to avoid damage to zirconia tube due to
        excessive flow of standard gas, JYQ-300 standard gas pressure reducer can also cooperate with standard gas cylinder to debug and
        calibrate various instruments and meters and control the flow.

        ◆With flow control, the flowmeter range is optional, and small flow output is available

        Automatic pressure stabilization to 0.15Mpa without manual adjustment of setting

          Inlet pressure : ≤15Mpa

          Regulated output : 0.15Mpa

          Flowmeter flow : 50ml/分-500ml/min

          Type of connecting cylinder:Nitrogen, argon and oxygen cylinders

          Connecting guide rod size:Φ14

          Connecting nut size:Φ22.9×14"
          If it is required to connect the standard gas cylinder below 8L, the following interfaces can be equipped
          Connecting guide rod size:Φ11

          Connecting nut size:Φ21.8×14"


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