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        Release the new product ZO-206 micro oxygen analyzer, supporting wireless WIFI

        Release the new product ZO-206 micro oxygen analyzer, supporting wireless WIFI

        Date [9/10/2022]    Hit [1987]   Source:www.yonglonglq.com
             ZO-206 micro-oxygen analyzer, with its own WIFI, can immediately have TCP/IP network interface function, connect to the network for data communication, and greatly expand the serial port equipment Communication distance. It can cooperate with the company"s data acquisition software to collect instrument data wirelessly and control the gas sampling pump remotely, which is very convenient. *ZO-206 zirconia oxygen analyzer (with built-in pump) can analyze the oxygen concentration online, and can realize the mid-range measurement. Large digital LCD screen with four-digit display and clear display information. *It is easy to operate, 4-20mA current output, 1-channel switch value alarm (relay) output, strong scalability, and can add alarm siren, etc. *Built-in temperature sensor with temperature compensation function to eliminate measurement error caused by ambient temperature change *Long service life, no power consumption of oxygen sensor, convenient operation, wide range of oxygen content measurement, from 0.1ppm to 21.0% oxygen content measurement *With independent adjustment compensation of range and zero point, it is different from other instruments in that the range and zero point cannot be adjusted independently. *This instrument is suitable for nitrogen protection furnace, reflow soldering furnace, brazing furnace, oxygen-free oven, lithium battery industry, chip industry, etc. *The product comes with 4-20mA analog output, RS485 output, support Modbus-Rtu protocol, wireless WIFI networking communication, support 802.11b/g/n wireless standard
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